Marshall Orson for DeKalb Schools - A Better Board.  Better Schools.  DeKalb Deserves It.
A year of Progress:
Together, we are doing better
for our children and DeKalb.

Just eighteen months ago, we took the first step to reform the DeKalb Board of Education by defeating the District 2 incumbent.  

I took an Oath of Office to serve as your School Board representative when the DeKalb County School District was in crisis:

  • DeKalb was on probation; 
  • The Governor removed six previous school board members;
  • The system was running a deficit; 
  • Litigation and other legal costs were draining the system. 

The people had no confidence in the School Board and did not trust the Board to bring the system out of its troubles. We moved from crisis to crisis, but the last year has pointed us in a new direction.

The last year has demonstrated that A Better Board
is the first step towards Better Schools.

During my brief time in office, DeKalb has moved away from crisis to

  • Improved accreditation status;
  • A new board, working cohesively together;
  • The system out of deficit;
  • Settled lawsuits to avoid further litigation costs on the system.

The board meetings now have an air of civility, but most importantly, the people have strong confidence in the DeKalb County School Board and our ability to guide the School District forward.

We still have much to do! We must stay focused on our primary mission - to ensure that all DeKalb children have the opportunity to obtain a high quality education. Even for those who do not live in the county, DeKalb's position as the third largest school system in Georgia and an integral part of metro Atlanta means that its success is critical to all, and any failure poses a risk to the entire metro area.  We are moving forward--we cannot afford to move back.

Help Us Continue to Move Forward.
The incumbent I defeated has chosen to run again.  His record and his time on the Board speak for itself--his constant effort to undermine successful schools, while also playing up the tired, divisive issues of last century.  I have worked to ensure that all children in DeKalb have the opportunity to receive the highest quality education and the opportunity to realize the highest level of achievement possible while pushing for accountability, innovation and transparency.
We have to gear up quickly since the election is on May 20th, less than three months from now.  We will need your help — your time, your voice, your financial support, and your vote.  Your support will be deeply appreciated, not just by me, but by all who share our commitment to the highest standards in public education and school system governance.
I hope you will take a few moments to look around the website, and if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact me.
Marshall D. Orson